TeliaSonera Sweden behind phone-based healthcare service

TeliaSonera Sweden behind phone-based healthcare service

During the spring of 2005 the first county councils in Sweden will be
able to connect to a national telephone network for healthcare advice
and information. The system is based on a nationwide phone number, 1177,
which people can dial to get a nurse on the line, within a few minutes,
at one of the county council healthcare units that have chosen to belong
to the network. In a tender competition, TeliaSonera Sweden was chosen
by the Federation of County Councils (Landstingsförbundet) to provide
the necessary platform.

In addition to providing the ContactCenter platform CallGuide VCC, Telia
will deliver and operate the telephony service connecting the healthcare
advising units of the county councils in a network. Telia will be
responsible for the traffic and the solution in Telia's production
environment, which is based on Telia's initiative to develop its
management of services outsourced by companies and authorities. The
service will provide economies of scale and improve healthcare
information services for people in Sweden.

The purpose of a common and more advanced healthcare information service
is to improve accessibility to healthcare over the phone and ensure the
quality of the service. By coordinating healthcare advisory services on
a national level, the county councils can relieve each other during peak
periods and offer a 24-hour service at moderate cost. Later on, they
will offer telephone advice in different languages and within various
specialty areas, something each county council has difficulties in
providing to local patients today.

"We are aware that government municipalities, authorities and county
councils in Sweden will face major challenges in the future," says Marie
Ehrling, head of TeliaSonera Sweden. "Telia wants to be a cooperation
partner to develop services and working procedures that raise the level
of service, increase efficiency and reduce costs."

Joining the network is voluntary and each county council will evaluate
whether or not it wants to become part of it and when it wants to join.
The goal is provide healthcare advice to the entire population of
Sweden, through the 1177 phone number, within the next few years.

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera Sweden´s Press Service, +46-(0)8-713 58 30

About the Federation of County Councils and the Healthcare Advice by
Phone Project via 1177:
The Swedish Federation of County Councils is carrying out the Healthcare
Advice by Phone Project, which will coordinate telephone-based
healthcare advice on a nationwide basis in Sweden. The aim of the
project is to improve accessibility to medical care by providing
healthcare advice directly on the phone or to advise patients on the
medical care unit they should turn to. The project's mission is to
create the technical, economic and organizational prerequisites needed
to enable the healthcare advice units of the county councils to
collaborate and relieve each other's healthcare workload in a network.
The project was started in 2003 and is expected to be finished by 2006.
More information about the project can be found at

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