TeliaSonera Sweden to widen broadband access

TeliaSonera Sweden to widen broadband access

TeliaSonera Sweden has begun upgrading 250 exchanges all over the
country to broadband. This will enable another 400,000 Swedes to connect
at speeds up to 8000 kpbs (8 Mbps). No other operator in Europe today is
offering better broadband coverage at such high connection speeds.

The upgrade, expected to be completed by the end of June 2004, will mean
that around 85 percent of households and businesses in Sweden have
access to ADSL broadband connectivity.

"The demand for broadband is growing, particularly at the higher
speeds," says Marie Ehrling, CEO of TeliaSonera Sweden. "We are
continuing with our deliberate focus on ADSL in order to provide easy
high-speed Internet access for the great majority of the population."

Concurrent with this upgrade, Telia is increasing the distance limit for
the 2000 kbps service from 3.5 kilometres to 5.5 kilometres. This is the
maximum technically allowable distance (the length of cable) between the
customer's premises and the exchange.

Sales to private and business customers will begin as and when exchanges
are upgraded. The last exchange in this upgrade phase is expected to be
switched to broadband around the Midsummer holiday 2004.

Further information to journalists is available from
TeliaSonera Sweden Press Service, ph. +46 8 713 58 30

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