How Swedes are planning their summer vacation

How Swedes are planning their summer vacation

Long summer vacations are most common in Stockholm. In the north of the
country, in Norrland, people prefer to take their holiday in July, while
Swedes in the southwest, in Skåne, prefer to spread their vacation over
different months. And most people are going to telecommute this summer.
These are some of the findings in Telia's most recent "Communications
Barometer" survey, which polled 3,640 employees of companies located all
around Sweden.

Telecommuting during the summer is common all over Sweden. On average,
two out of three surveyed employees, from north to south, will
telecommute this summer. Eleven percent of the Swedes in the survey will
telecommute more than in earlier years - in Stockholm, 14 percent, the
highest percentage in the country.

"This is a clear trend - more and more people want to be able to work
remotely, outside their workplace. Many have realized that they can work
more efficiently this way, but that telecommuting also gives them more
time to spend with their family and friends, since they can work from
home or their summer house," says Erik Heilborn, head of the Business
Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Four weeks in July is the most common vacation period in Sweden, but in
Stockholm, 22 percent take five weeks of vacation or more. In Skåne,
only 10 percent take a longer vacation than four weeks. In Norrland, 5
percent will not take any summer holiday at all this year. Swedes in the
southwest spread their vacation over several months and take it most
often in June and August.

In Norrland, 29 percent responded that customers have the greatest
influence over their choice of vacation time, the highest percentage in
the country. The corresponding figure for Skåne was 20 percent.

People in Stockholm take the longest continuous holiday, with 12 percent
of Stockholmers having five vacation weeks or more together with their
families or partners. In Skåne, 5 percent responded that they take five
weeks or more. In Stockholm, Västra Götaland (western Sweden) and Skåne,
the country's major metroplitan areas, about 30 percent split their
vacation into two parts; in Norrland, 21 percent.

About the Communications Barometer for Companies
The respondents work at companies that are customers of Telia. The
survey period was May 12-20, 2004. The report is available (in Swedish
only) at Click on "Press".

For further information journalists can contact:
Erik Heilborn, TeliaSonera Sweden, Vice President Business Segment,
+46 8 713 58 30

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