Management changes in TeliaSonera

Management changes in TeliaSonera

Harri Koponen, Head of TeliaSonera International (TelaSonera´s
international holding in the Fintur companies, the Russian mobile
operator MegaFon, Turkish mobile operator Turkcell and the international
carrier operations) will leave TeliaSonera on July 1, 2004. Harri
Koponen, who also has the position of deputy CEO, came to TeliaSonera in
December 2002 in connection with the merger between Swedish Telia and
Finnish Sonera. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Sonera.

"Harri and I have now worked together for two years. It has been an
inspiring time with a lot of discussions about both the direction and
the management of the operations. I believe we have made great
achievements together to that respect. We have, however, now arrived at
the conclusion that Harri is going to leave TeliaSonera. It is
regrettable, but I have had to realize that our understanding of the
business strategies and the internal management principles established
by the Board of Directors is not cohesive. I am convinced that Harri
will find another important challenge and I wish him all success",
comments Anders Igel, President and Chief Executive Officer of

Harri Koponen will in connection with that he leaves TeliaSonera receive
his base salary during the six months notice period and in excess of
that a severance pay corresponding to 18 month's salary or Euro 837,000.

Following the changes, a review will be carried out of the management
functions at TeliaSonera International. The responsibility for the
international operations will now be moved closer to the respective
market in order to further strengthen TeliaSonera's local position.

Erdal Otuzbir, Managing Director of Fintur Holdings, which contains the
mobile operations in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova, will
from his base in Istanbul report directly to TeliaSonera's Chief
Executive Officer Anders Igel. Erdal Otuzbir will also take on the
responsibility for TeliaSonera's ownership in the Turkish mobile
operator Turkcell.

Aimo Eloholma, currently Head of International Operations in TeliaSonera
International, will report directly to TeliaSonera's Chief Financial
Officer Kim Ignatius and be responsible for TeliaSonera's ownership in
the Russian mobile operator MegaFon. TeliaSonera is currently reviewing
the possibilities to further strengthen its resources in Russia.

Esko Rytkönen will be responsible for the resources, which will continue
to be in place in Finland to support the business within these areas.
Rytkönen will report to Kim Ignatius.

Eva Lindqvist, Managing Director of TeliaSonera International Carrier
will report to Kim Ignatius.

Kim Ignatius, will in connection with the changes get a more prominent
role in the international holdings and he will among other things be
proposed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fintur Holdings.

The direction for TeliaSonera's international operations remains
unchanged. The management change does not imply any change in strategy
or priorities.

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera´s Press Office, phone +46-(0)8-713 58 30

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