Music not the only attraction at rockfestival of Hultsfred

A survey conducted by Halebop - one of the main sponsors of this year's rock festival in Hultsfred, Sweden (June 17-19) - shows that music is not the only thing that attracts visitors to the event. More than half of the people who responded to the survey said they are hoping to find a boyfriend or girlfriend for the summer, or for the days the festival takes place. Just as many answered that they have found love at Hultsfred. Travelling to the festival without arranging a place to sleep, having your mobile phone always on, or simply leaving your friends back home, are a few methods that seem to work.
Halebop, one of the main sponsors of the Hultsfred Rock Festival in the southeast of Sweden, conducted a survey prior to this year's festival to find out what makes Hultsfred so special. About 800 people, (half guys, half girls) participated in the survey that was located on the websites of Hultsfred's promoter, Rockparty, and Halebop. The survey showed, among other findings, that more than half of the survey's respondents go to Hultsfred hoping to have a summer romance. The festival also seems to pay off this way.
Fifty percent stated they have previously found love at Hultsfred, and one out of five answered that a flirt at the festival resulted in getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Many of the respondents, more than half, answered that they hoped this year's festival would produce the same results. To help them, they use their mobile phone. Nine percent said they used their mobile to flirt with other festival goers.
"Our ability to send SMS messages makes us dare to flirt more. In an SMS message, you can compose your message carefully and choose your words. Since we must limit ourselves to a certain number of words, we also tend to express ourselves more clearly when messaging the people we like," says Kent Jonsson, head of Halebop.
One out of five arrange accommodations on site
The survey showed that a typical visitor to the Hultsfred festival lives in a tent (58 percent), while as many as 20 percent go to Hultsfred with the hope of solving their living accommodations on site. The survey also indicated that 20 percent travel to Hultsfred alone, while the majority, 40 percent, go there with more than six friends. Half answered that the music is the main reason why they go to Hultsfred. Partying and friends came in second and third place.
"Of course it's great that the artists and bands attract people to Hultsfred because we are a non-profit organization that lives for music more than anything else, says Fredrik Blom of Rockparty.
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