New anti-spam product welcomed by TeliaSonera Denmark broadband customers

TeliaSonera Denmark's centrally placed virus and spam-filter programme is a big hit with the company's broadband customers. At a cost of only DKK 10 per month, TeliaSonera Denmark is the only Internet provider in the market that scans customers' mails with a virus and spam-filter programme, thus eliminating the need for far more expensive antivirus programmes.
More than 15,000 of 113,000 TeliaSonera Denmark broadband customers already use the company's integrated virus and spam-filter programme. Launched six months ago, the solution saves broadband customers time, money and unnecessary worry in connection with viruses and spam mails.
"In the last six months, we've offered our customers the chance to subscribe to a centrally placed virus and spam-filter programme. We are the only Internet provider in the marketplace to do so. The filter scans customers' mails, checking them for viruses and spam before they reach the inbox. Screening takes place using software centrally located on our server, and is updated at least once an hour. In this way we create a simple and user-friendly solution for our customers as the virus and spam-filter eliminates the need for expensive antivirus programmes that customers have to spend time updating," says Ole Simonsen, Managing Director at Telia Stofa, TeliaSonera Denmarks cable-tv and broadband company.
Telia Stofas virus- og spam-filter currently checks about 150,000 mails every 24 hours. Of these, more than 50,000 are identified as spam mails. The filter programme rejects 40,000 spam mails daily as well as about 21,000 mails that are infected with various types of virus.
In contrast to many virus and spam filters, Telia Stofa's solution is a so-called cross-platform-product. This means that the filter can be used by customers with a large number of different mail programmes, including those web mail services typically offered with most Internet subscriptions. Stofa expects that the filter protects customers from 90 % of the virus and spam traffic that would otherwise end up in their inboxes.
Ole Simonsen, Managing Director, Telia Stofa A/S, TeliaSonera Denmark, tel: +45 2827 0521
Communications Manager Robert Neimanas, TeliaSonera Denmark, tel: +45 2827 5182
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