Online music and film services available to Sonera HomeRun users for trial use

Users of the Sonera HomeRun service will be able to try out selected online music and film services during the summer without a separate charge. HomeRun customers can get to know the offering of eService Bar's content partners for instance by listening to music and watching short films in the wireless Internet service areas in Finland. The trial offers a new and innovative way to provide and use entertainment services.
Sonera HomeRun allows mobile users to access the Internet for example in airports, conference centres, hotels, restaurants and office premises. In the trial conducted by Sonera and eService Bar, users can listen to music or web radio and watch videos on the Internet with their portable terminals. During the trial, which lasts until the end of August, the use of entertainment services is subject only to the HomeRun connection charge.
eService Bar's content partners responsible for the music offering are Sony Music, Teosto and Radio Helsinki, whose offering includes music of both international and domestic artists, music programmes and videos. Other cooperation partners are Pixoff and Kinokulture, whose offering includes a selection of Finnish short films, animations and documentaries.
"This trial represents a new, innovative way to utilize technology for listening to music and to increase both musical awareness and methods of consumption," says Hans Rautio of Sony Music Finland.
"The best Finnish documentaries have long represented the international top. This year we will put a comprehensive selection of films up for sale as DVD videos at bookshops. Making a major part of our selection viewable through the HomeRun service supports our goal, which is to bring this extensive offering within each viewer's reach," says Kinokulture's Managing Director Jouko-Thomas Kleine.
Users can test the entertainment services by logging into the Sonera HomeRun service and following the link on the HomeRun Info page. To be able to view the music and video services, the users also need the Windows Media Player installation program, which can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge.
Tommi Mattila, Product Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 40 3022077
Sonera HomeRun service:
Ilkka Ukkola, Managing Director, eService Bar
Tel. +358 50 414 5152
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