Sonera Mobile Contact service in Oulu's city centre informs of the events, services and offers of the centre by means of

Oulun Liikekeskus ry and TeliaSonera Finland Oyj have signed an agreement on the delivery of the Sonera Mobile Contact service for the use of the companies of the centre of the city of Oulu. The service will be utilised at Rotuaari Info, which informs by means of the mobile phone of the events in Oulu's centre, related services and offers to those interested, and also operates as a feedback channel. The service is in test use during the summer.
The target is to test if mobile communications would have impact on the communicating company's quality of customer service and deployment of customer contacts in the city centre environment. Mobile communications is a part of an extensive research project of the University of Oulu, in which also Sonera is participating. The target is to expand the use of the Mobile Contact service in the autumn to the advertising and other marketing of Rotuaari's companies.
The companies in Oulu's city centre form a large and comprehensive service entity. Oulun liikekeskus ry participates in the Rotuaari research project of the University of Oulu. The aim of the project is to develop and test the technologies and business models of future mobile multimedia services. The focus is on service and test environments, wireless technologies, new kinds of value networks and many field trials. The Rotuaari project is a part of the FENIX Interactive Information Technology Program of National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES).
Companies in Oulu can take part in the project in different roles, as producers of targeted communications, for example. The member companies of Liikekeskus ry will among the first have access to this mobile communications channel based on the Sonera Mobile Contact service. Mobile information bulletins will only be sent to those who have indicated about their interest to receive them.
Sonera Mobile Contact is a mobile marketing and wireless interest group communications service that is targeted to business customers and for which the customer needs not make any software or equipment investments. The customer can offer its customers, personnel and other interest groups two-way mobile services in a multi-operator environment. The customer can take into use various service types, such as the information and feed-back channel.
"The Mobile Contact service enables to accelerate communications. According to studies, 93% instantly read the messages arrived to the mobile phone. The media coverage of an arrived text message is large and the spontaneous remembering values are high: 85% of those who had received a message could tell the sender or content of the received message. The messages also lead to action. We believe that our co-operation with Oulun Liikekeskus will help the city centre's companies develop their business efficiently, assisted by targeted communications", says Vice President Hannu Heikka of TeliaSonera Finland.
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