Sonera's Athens service brings:The excitement of the Olympic Games to the mobile phone

Sonera's Athens service starts to tune enthusiastic sports fans to the Olympic Games atmosphere as from the beginning of June. Before the start of the Games, the service provides results of qualifying competitions and background information on Finnish athletes nominated for Athens, for example. During the Olympic Games, the service provides the latest news and moods and comments directly from the place of action and acts as an up-to-date source of information as regards the schedules and results.
Before the Games, the service comprises material provided by TeliaSonera Finland's athlete partners Heli Koivula-Kruger, Markus Pöyhönen, Johanna Manninen and Jaakko Ojaniemi. In their columns and text-message diaries they tell about their training, qualifying competitions and life before the number one event of the year.
When the Olympic Games start, the Athens service starts to provide more and more topical content. During the Games, the service provides schedules of events and TV broadcasts, results, athletes' moods and comments, and news. The Athens service is implemented partly in co-operation with the Finnish Olympic Committee. The content of the service and the schedules and results of the qualifying competitions and the Olympic Games are provided by Sonera's co-operation partners and Finnish News Agency STT.
Before and during the Olympic Games the Athens service also serves as a storehouse of information as regards Greece, Athens and the Olympic Games. By browsing the links provided in the service, you will also find a lot of interesting general information on sports, such as why hard tailwind is an asset to one athlete and pain to another, or why warm-up is different before a 100 m race and a 200 m race.
The Athens results service can be used with all WAP-enabled mobile phones, but the best user experience is offered by phones that have a colour display, such as Nokia 3510i, 3650, and 6600, as well as Sony Ericsson T68i. The results service can be found at The service can also be used via the Sonera service menu at urheilu ateena. For further information on the settings needed, send the text message ATEENA to number 15400. It is worthwhile to bookmark the results service in the phone's memory, as this facilitates and speeds up the use of the service.
The Athens service is available to all Sonera mobile phone customers without separate registration. No connection or monthly charges are collected for the service. The use of the service is subject to a data transfer charge according to the valid Sonera price-list.
Development Manager Annika Salo, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
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