Sonera's easy pricing scheme for calls made abroad introduced in the Baltic countries

The mobile phone is often the cheapest way of communicating with family, colleagues and others while travelling abroad. From 1 June 2004, it is easier than ever to call for example from Estonia to Finland.
In order to make communication easier for our customers while they are abroad, Sonera has chosen a number of Nordic and European operators as co-operation partners. There is just one, inexpensive minute rate for all calls made through the partners' networks, so there will be no surprises when your invoice arrives. From the beginning of June, rates change for calls made and received in the Baltic Countries, Malta, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Iceland.
Sonera has divided European operators into three different price groups. The prices of all of these groups are valid 24 hours a day throughout the week. For example, the first price group includes the Nordic Countries and now also Estonia. For an up-to-date list of call prices and partner operators, please visit
You'll find your mobile useful abroad also in other respects. By choosing an operator Sonera recommends, you ensure that you have mobile services at your disposal, as international GPRS roaming enables you to use content and MMS services also while abroad. Of all carriers operating in Finland, Sonera has the widest coverage area abroad. The Sonera GPRS functions in as many as 57 countries and the networks of 84 operators. At the moment, Sonera Mobile Subscription can be used in more than 155 countries and the networks of 250 operators.
Sonera mobile call prices abroad:
Price group 1 (Recommended Nordic and Estonian operators):
Calling: EUR0.77 per minute
Receiving: EUR0.37 per minute
Price group 2 (other recommended European operators):
Calling: EUR0.95 per minute
Receiving: EUR0.55 per minute
Price group 3 (other European operators):
Calling: EUR1.23 per minute
Receiving: EUR0.55 per minute
For more information, please contact:
Development Manager Laura Siegberg, TeliaSonera Finland
Tel. +358 2040 63618
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