Swedes and Finns most secretive in Nordic countries

More than half of the Swedes and Finns are hesitant to give people their home phone number, compared with only 23 percent of the Danes. When people in the Nordic countries are going to make personal phone calls and talk about their feelings, they use their home phone. The Finns are the exception. These are some of the findings of a new Nordic survey conducted by TeliaSonera.
TeliaSonera, with the assistance of the Cint research company, surveyed 2,063 Nordic residents living in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark to find out how they use their fixed line telephone. In Sweden, people use the home phone primarily to discuss personal business (75%), report bad news (73%), contact authorities (67%) and discuss confidential matters related to work (66%), or to talk about their feelings (60%).
Swedes are big users of the home phone
In many cases, the Swedes are the biggest users of home phones, while the Finns use their home phone the least. For example, only 35 percent of the Finns polled in the survey use their home phone to discuss personal business or give someone bad news.
"In Sweden, the mobile phone has not replaced the fixed line phone, which many people thought would happen," says Maud Frisk, marketing manager for the consumer segment at TeliaSonera Sweden. "Instead, the two complement each other and are used for different purposes. The home phone is used for more personal and sensitive phone calls, while the mobile phone is used for fast messages when people are on the move. "
However, in Finland, it is also acceptable to use the mobile phone for phone calls of a more serious nature. For example, 50 percent of the Finns polled in the survey stated that they use the mobile phone to report bad news, as against 16 percent in Sweden.
Danes are the most willing to give someone home phone number
However, the Swedes and the Finns are a little sceptical about giving someone their home phone number. In the survey, 51 percent of the Swedes said they were hesitant about giving their home phone number ("absolutely not" and "prefer not to"). The corresponding figure in Finland is 52 percent, 31 percent in Norway and only 23 percent in Denmark. In Sweden, 13 percent said they "would absolutely not" give their home number, which can be compared with 7 percent in Finland and Norway, and only 4 percent in Denmark.
Hans G. Larsson, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, phone +46 8 713 5830.
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