TeliaSonera Denmark challenges the Danish mobile market with flat rate

As the first telecommunications company in Denmark, TeliaSonera Denmark now is introducing flat rate telephony on the Danish mobile market. From June 28, Danish consumers using Telia UnLtd. can make as many mobile calls as they like in Denmark for a fixed price of DKK 400 per month.
Talk as much as you like on your mobile phone for DKK 400 a month. This is now a reality with the new mobile product Telia UnLtd. Introduced by TeliaSonera Denmark, one that transcends existing barriers in the Danish mobile market. Telia UnLtd. applies to telephony within the borders of Denmark regardless of whether you call a fixed network telephone or another mobile phone. The price of DKK 400 is paid as a fixed subscription once a month through PBS (Danish Payment Systems Ltd.) and then you can talk to your heart's content without any extra charge. As something new on the Danish mobile market, there is no fixed minimum contract period attached to Telia UnLtd.
"With Telia UnLtd., you will get easy and simple mobile telephony. In addition to unlimited usage, you get security and transparency, and you do not have to worry when the monthly bill for your mobile phone arrives in your letterbox - it will always say DKK 400. We have tried to develop a product that is as easy as possible to subscribe to and use," says Jesper Brøckner, President, Telia Mobile Denmark.
As a supplement to Telia UnLtd. Danish consumers can purchase an SMS subscription that allows users to send as many SMS messages as they like for DKK 100 a month. If you want unlimited SMS and MMS services, a monthly subscription of DKK 200 is available, i.e. unlimited calls and SMS/MMS services for DKK 600 a month with Telia UnLtd. There is also a set up fee of DKK 99.
"With the launch of Telia UnLtd., we have created a product that we hope will appeal to private consumers using their mobile telephones extensively; consumers who would like to make sure that they always know how big their telephone bill will be and simply want easy and simple telephony. I think that many consumers feel that way and we have put all our energy into Telia UnLtd., which will be one of the most comprehensive launches in the history of Telia Mobile," says Jesper Brøckner.
In order to avoid commercial misuse, there are two limitations in Telia UnLtd.:
1) You can only talk for three hours in total on weekdays between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.
2) Each call can only last one hour. Then a new call should be made.
From Monday 28 June, Telia UnLtd. will be available in teleshops all over the country and via Telia webshop on
Jesper Brøckner, President, Telia Mobile Denmark, tel. +45 28 27 27 27
Robert Neimanas, Communications Manager, TeliaSonera Danmark, tel. +45 28 27 27 27
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