TeliaSonera Sweden scraps per-minute charging for fixed telephony

TeliaSonera Sweden scraps per-minute charging for fixed telephony

TeliaSonera Sweden is scrapping per-minute charging for fixed telephony
- round the clock. The new offering, Telia Alltid, which costs SEK 65
per month, comes into force from Friday morning, both for calls to Telia
customers and those with other operators.

This offering applies to all calls from home telephones to all fixed
telephones in Sweden. For those subscribing to Telia Alltid, the per-
minute charge is also being lowered from fixed telephones to mobile
telephones by up to 26 percent, and up to 20 percent for overseas calls
compared with Telia´s basic price list. Telia Alltid is a development of
Telia Fritid [Telia Freetime], launched in January.

"We know that fixed home telephones are important to our customers,"
says Marie Ehrling, President of TeliaSonera Sweden, "So we are
developing existing offerings like Telia Fritid, and making it even
simpler for customers to keep tabs on call charges whilst saving money
because we are totally scrapping per-minute charges."

The offering is based on payment of a fixed monthly sum (SEK 65) in
exchange for making calls round the clock with no per-minute charges.
Significant in this context is the fact that the new offering applies
not only when calling other Telia customers, but also includes calls to
those with other operators. Telia is already offering Telia Fritid, for
calls without per-minute charges at evenings and weekends. A connection
charge of SEK 0.45 per call is charged in both offerings.

Today there are currently around 5.4 million fixed telephony
subscriptions in Sweden. A survey carried out previously by TeliaSonera
Sweden* shows that a lot of customers prefer fixed telephony to mobile
telephony in many contexts. Of those asked, 54 percent stated that they
preferred using a fixed telephone to say in touch with friends and
family that they don't see very often. 90 percent preferred fixed
telephony when making calls that were going to be long.

* Study carried out by the Cint survey company in December 2003. Number
of respondents: 1,024.

Further information for journalists can be obtained from:
Marie Ehrling, President, TeliaSonera Sweden, tel: +46-(0)8-713 58 30

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