"Top ten" in mobile phone sales at Telia´s retail stores

"Top ten" in mobile phone sales at Telia's retail stores

At Telia's retail outlets in Sweden, the Nokia 3310 - a mobile phone
with prepaid card (Telia Refill) that sold well already in April - was
the best-selling handset for the month of May, capturing first place.
Total sales of mobile handsets shot up sharply in May. Compared with the
2003, handset sales were 25 percent higher in May 2004.

The winner in April, the Samsung SGH-E700, is still selling well and was
the second best-selling phone in May. Sony Ericsson's shipments of
mobile handsets started to come in more smoothly during the period.
Their Z600 model is the handset that has climbed the sales list the
fastest, going straight to fifth place. Other fast-climbing models are
the Nokia 6220 and the Sony Ericsson T610. Because Sony Ericsson models
have been in such demand, it is not possible to compare May sales of
Nokia handsets with April.

May ranking April ranking Handset model Note

1 2 Nokia 3310 R
2 1 Samsung SGH-E700 GO + K
3 3 Siemens A52 R
4 7 Sony Ericsson T610 GO + K
5 New Sony Ericsson Z600 GO + K
6 5 Sony Ericsson T630 GO + K
7 New Nokia 6220 GO + K
8 4 Nokia 3200 GO + K
9 6 Nokia 5100 R
10 9 Nokia 3510i R

Explanation for abbreviations under Note: R - sold with Telia Refill
prepaid card; GO - sold with preconfigured Telia GO subscription; K -
with built-in camera.

Telia, with 74 stores, is the largest retail chain in Sweden for telecom
products and is one of Sweden's largest resellers of mobile phones.

For further information journalists can contact:
Hans G. Larsson, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, phone +46 8 713 58

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