Forget call charges - now NetCom launches NetCom Plenty

Forget call charges - now NetCom launches NetCom Plenty

(Oslo) As the first operator in Norway, NetCom is today launching a
whole new way of pricing mobile traffic. With NetCom Plenty, you get so
much call time each month that you can forget about call charges.

The current Norwegian mobile market is characterised by a great many
offers with a lot of price elements, a fact which makes navigating the
price jungle difficult. "Customers have to be very determined if they
are to find the best offer every time," says Barbara Thoralfsson,
President of NetCom. "In any event, with NetCom Plenty, the customer
needn't think about call charges."

Better predictability
"With NetCom Plenty, the customer pays a fixed monthly amount and
receives 500 or 1,000 inclusive minutes each month. This means we have
taken yet another step in the right direction, so that customers gain
significantly greater predictability in their monthly mobile fees," says
Barbara Thoralfsson. She also recounted the launch of SMSmania in June,
which allows NetCom customers to send up to 2000 texts every month for
NOK 200.

Cheapest alternative for heavy users
Our studies show that increasingly more customers want to purchase a
subscription with low call charges and no subsidised handset. For this
reason, NetCom Plenty has no lock-in period. With no monthly fee either,
and no connection charges on prepaid minutes, it will mean cash savings
for many Norwegians.

For those who make more than 12 minutes' worth of calls a day, NetCom
Plenty is the cheapest subscription on the market. Several hundred
thousand Norwegian mobile users will thus be able to considerably reduce
their mobile fees.

"Such fixed-price agreements have become very popular in many European
countries. I'm sure that many Norwegian mobile users will also prefer
this form of payment," stresses Barbara.

Need a landline?
With NetCom Plenty, you can finally make long calls on your mobile. In
the past, this was the domain of the landline. The way that NetCom
Plenty is priced, it will now pay for customers to give up their
landline and only have NetCom Plenty, since the fixed charges on
landlines are higher than the call charges.

Facts about NetCom Plenty
Choice of two packages:
NetCom Plenty500 - 500 minutes ringtime for NOK 400
NetCom Plenty1000 - 1000 minutes ringtime for NOK 750
Monthly fee: NOK 0
Connection charge for calls in Norway (for the prepaid minutes): NOK 0
No lock-in period
Offer applies to private customers

Customers may carry over up to one month's unused call time to the next
month. Customers can be notified of their remaining call time by SMS
enquiry. Send USAGE to 1989.

Inclusive minutes apply to all domestic traffic (not special numbers)
Use of minutes over and above those included will be charged at the
normal connection charge of NOK 0.59, plus a rate per minute of NOK
0.89. This will be charged to the next bill with the use of other
services. All usage over and above the prepaid minutes costs the same as

For further information journalists can contact:
Lars Terje Pedersen, Marketing Manager, Private Market, NetCom,
tel +47 932 18 488

Bjørnar Storeheier, Communication Officer,
tel +47 932 06 789

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