Sonera launches a new spam filtering service for companies

Sonera launches a supplementary spam filtering service for companies that have an e-mail server of their own. The technology behind the Sonera Spam Filtering service is based on the use of programmed artificial intelligence. The service is implemented in co-operation with Trend Micro Nordic.
The Sonera Spam Filtering service is based on a heuristic spam identification capacity and the use of databases. The service allows spam messages to be identified and eliminated before they block the company's e-mail system. In heuristic spam filtering, the structure of an e-mail message, the text content and the formulation of the message are examined technically. The technology behind the service analyses the content and features of the e-mail message and concludes therefrom whether the message is spam. A database is also utilised to determine whether the message is spam. If the message is interpreted as spam, the service either labels the message as spam but delivers it to the customer or prevents the delivery of the message according to the customer's choice.
The spam filtering service is a separately ordered supplementary service suited for companies that have a domain name and an e-mail server of their own. The service is easy to use, and it does not require any equipment investments, system maintenance or system software updates from the company. The provision of the spam filtering service is another step in Sonera's actions against spam, which loads networks. Free-of-charge spam filtering started in July automatically with the consumer and SME customers that use e-mail boxes provided by Sonera.
"The current estimate is that over fifty per cent of all e-mail traffic is nowadays spam. Computers infected with viruses act as transmitters of spam, which further adds to the amount of spam. Spam generates costs to companies in terms of lost working time, for example. We at TeliaSonera work actively against spam and the problems it causes. Our service is designed to meet the companies' increasing needs to protect themselves against spam," says Vice President Markku D. Järvinen of TeliaSonera Finland.
Markku D. Järvinen, Vice President, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 40 5444113,Tommi Vänninen, Product Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, Tel. +358 400 291 050
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