Sonera offers extra high speed 8 Mbit/s broadband access in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Tampere and Turku are

Sonera introduces a new 8 Mbit/s Sonera Broadband ADSL access in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Tampere region. In the Turku region, such access has been available since the beginning of summer.
Sonera will also modify its service offering as from September 1, 2004 by upgrading the transmission rates of all its Broadband ADSL customers in classes 256 kbit/s, 512 kbit/s and 1 Mbit/s by one class.
The access rate of those 2 Mbit/s customers who live within the availability area of the new 8 Mbit/s transmission rate class (Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere area) will be upgraded to 8 Mbit/s. In other areas the transmission rate class of the 2 Mbit/s customers remains unchanged but the monthly charge will be dropped. Further, the transmission rate class 256 kbit/s is available in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere and certain other areas at a reduced price of EUR29.90/month.
"As the customer volumes and total capacity grow, we can now provide our customers with increasingly higher access rates. Apart from a fixed price, our customers place special value on the transmission rate in broadband. We believe the higher transmission rates and introduction of a new transmission rate class advance the versatile use of broadband and improve the preconditions for the information society," says Vice President Petri Lahtinen of TeliaSonera Finland.
The change does not require any measures from the customers: the transmission rate classes will be updated automatically by the end of November. All customers will be informed of the change in greater detail in the near future.
As the rates increase, broadband access becomes more and more easy to use. The speed shows in the transmission of e-mail files and the downloading of pictures, for example, and it also enables more diversified range of supplementary services. The upgrade of the transmission rate is particularly beneficial to teleworkers and users of entertainment services and games. An 8 Mbit/s access, for example, allows quick transmission of very large files containing pictures or video.
Sonera is the most popular broadband provider in Finland with a market share of approximately a third of the market. The company has three different broadband alternatives on offer, depending on the customer's needs and place of residence. The customers can gain access to the service by subscribing to Sonera Broadband ADSL, Sonera Broadband Access for Housing Companies or Sonera Broadband Cable. TeliaSonera's availability area for broadband is the largest in Finland: at the moment, Sonera subscriptions are available in over 250 municipalities. Sonera's Village Broadband concept promotes the extension of broadband access to rural villages as well as to densely-populated areas, which adds to the equality of densely-populated and scarcely-populated areas in respect of the availability of broadband services.
TeliaSonera Finland, Vice President Petri Lahtinen
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