TeliaSonera Finland to implement certification services for Samlink

TeliaSonera Finland will implement a certification environment for reliable verification for banking technology supplier Samlink Oy. The cards will be used for authentication when users log into information networks, for encrypting email messages, and for producing non-repudiated electronic signatures as defined by the law. The certification solution improves the information security and cost-effectiveness of banking operations.
The card system to be delivered to Samlink will cover about 3,000 Samlink employees and employees of the company's customer banks. Under the five-year agreement, Sonera will be responsible for the card-based certification service and its management.
In the solution, certificates are saved in each user's personal smart card, which allows the user to log into a workstation and its applications, such as the intranet, email and banking applications. The smart card also allows the users to be identified reliably when they set up a remote connection to the intranet or any other data systems of the company. Certification services and the smart cards to be introduced will also be part of Samlink's access control system.
The certificates can, moreover, be used for signing email messages electronically in order to authenticate the sender and to verify the integrity of the message contents. In the future, the certificates can also be used for signing bank transactions electronically.
One of the benefits to the user is that the access code saved on the smart card does not have to be changed at regular intervals, but the same access code can be used with all necessary applications for up to five years. If the user leaves the company or if the smart card is lost, the certificate, and thereby also the access to the different systems, are blocked. The system increases the cost-effectiveness of user management.
"Our aim is to achieve an identification and log-in procedure that is as easy-to-use for the employees as possible and that meets all security requirements. We wanted to have centralized user management and to get the actual certification service as an ASP-type solution; we did not want to acquire and maintain our own security infrastructure. The service provided by Sonera suited Samlink's needs well and took our certification policy into account," says Vesa Keskinen, Director of Samlink's Technical Services.
Certificates are needed for identification, encryption and electronic signatures in information networks. The CA (Certification Authority) service Sonera will provide to Samlink is based on the Public Key Infrastructure. Sonera's CA service is the only CA service in Finland to have been awarded the international WebTrust certificate, which verifies that the certification service is reliable for the users of online services.
"As a forerunner in interactive electronic transaction services, the banking world has been among the first to utilize strong identification and advanced certificates. I believe that the solutions for reliable identification will rapidly become more and more common even in other transaction and commercial services. As the leading Nordic certificate provider, TeliaSonera has an important role in this development," says Esa Korvenmaa, Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera Finland's Large Corporate Customers.
Jyrki Nivala, Security and Management Services, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
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