Sonera starts using e-mail black lists to protect e-mail routing services

Sonera starts to filter out spam for corporate customers of the SMTP e-mail routing service, with the aid of so-called black lists. As of September 30, all the incoming e-mail received through the or e-mail servers is checked against selected black lists. If the sender of the e-mail messages is on the black lists, Sonera does not receive or forward e-mail messages from that source.
Companies use the SMTP e-mail routing service to route e-mail received from the Internet to the company's own server and to route outgoing e-mail from the company. Use of spam black-lists prevents the overloading of the routing servers, which guarantees the operation and swiftness of all e-mail traffic. The black lists used by Sonera are maintained by a trusted party, ensuring that ending up on the list accidentally does not happen, but a notable amount of spam has been sent through the server on the list, either knowingly, due to an incorrect setting, or an intrusion. The use of black lists does not eliminate all spam from e-mail traffic, but it adds considerably to the reliability of e-mail traffic and its fast delivery when the traffic contains significantly more spam than usually.
The use of black lists is just one of the measures applied by Sonera to ensure trouble-free operation of its e-mail and routing services. Last July, Sonera started filtering out spam from e-mail services targeted at private customers. Furthermore, as of the beginning of August, companies have had the chance to order the Spam Filtering service in which the efficient filtering is based on so-called heuristic filtering, that is, technical analysis of the e-mail message's structure, text content and formulation. The service is available to companies which have their own e-mail server and which use the Businessmail service.
Director Risto Pätsi, Networks and Production, TeliaSonera Finland
Tel. +358 400 647 939
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