TeliaSonera Finland and ACN Communications Finland enter into agreement on co-operation

"We decided to start the co-operation with ACN, since the company has operated as a service provider in our network and we want to ensure continuity of service for ACN’s customers,” says Janne Vainio, Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera Finland's Consumer Customers Segment.”

”This extension of our relationship with TeliaSonera offers both our customers and our representatives significant benefits," says David Colley, CEO of ACN's European Operations.

Under the agreement concluded between the companies, Tele Finland will offer ACN's customers a chance to continue effortlessly as Tele Finland’s customers. For the duration of the transition period, Tele Finland will provide ACN's customers with similar pricing as they have been offered by ACN. (ACN's customers will receive more detailed instructions and further information by mail within the next few days.)

”We have made the transition as easy as possible. All the customer’s subscriptions will be transferred free of charge at one go, and the service will continue without any interruption despite the transfer. The customers need not exchange their SIM cards, so their subscription numbers will not change and the telephone numbers saved on the SIM cards, for example, remain unchanged,” says Arto Heimonen, Managing Director of Tele Finland.

Tele Finland Oy is a mobile service provider owned by TeliaSonera Finland and operating in its network. The company provides subscriptions for basic communications, fair and straightforward pricing, and well-functioning monthly invoicing.