Telia launches new mobile subscriptions; Call rate of SEK 0.59 per minute – to everyone – around the clock

Telia Mobile to Everyone is one of the best-value mobile telephony offers on the Swedish market. For a charge of SEK 59 per month and a calling rate of SEK 0.59 per minute, customers can call to everyone in Sweden, regardless of their operator, 24 hours a day. The second new subscription that Telia is introducing for private customers is Telia Mobile Evenings & Weekends (Telia Mobil kväll & helg). For a charge of SEK 29 per month, customers call at a rate of SEK 0.29/minute evenings and weekends, and at other times at SEK 1.99/minute. Both subscriptions have an opening charge of SEK 0.59/call.

“In Sweden, we are in daily contact with more than 40,000 customers through our customer service unit, our retail stores and our Internet service. This gives us a unique opportunity to listen to our customers and adapt our offerings to suit their needs and requests. The new SEK 0.59 per minute subscription is a much-demanded and value-priced offer for people who want to call on a round-the-clock basis to anyone in Sweden. We also hope that the new subscriptions will give more people the chance to discover the advantages of calling with the operator with the best network coverage* in Sweden,” says Marie Ehrling, head of TeliaSonera Sweden.

New subscription offers for companies as well
Telia is also offering two new mobile subscriptions for companies: Telia Work Mobile Double (Telia Jobbmobil Dubbel) in which enterprise customers pay a rate of SEK 329 per month and call at no charge to 5.2 million fixed line telephone numbers in Sweden and to 4.3 million Telia mobile subscribers. The other subscription, Telia Work Mobile Start (Telia Jobbmobil Start) costs SEK 99/month and subscribers call to Telia’s mobile customers, and to all fixed line telephones in Sweden, at a rate of SEK 0.69/minute. In addition, Telia has eliminated the minute rate for calls from mobile phones to all fixed networks in its Small Enterprise Package (Småföretagspaketet) and has also reduced the monthly charge from SEK 498 to SEK 399. All of these subscriptions have an opening charge of SEK 0.49 per call. There is more news on the enterprise side: Telia is now introducing a flat rate subscription of SEK 598/month for its Telia Connect service.

* Sweden’s best coverage
In test after test, Telia’s mobile network has been named the best in Sweden. Now the network will be made even better as Telia builds out coverage and capacity in Sweden over the next few years. The network will cover 90 percent of Sweden’s land area, compared with 70 percent today. Transmission speeds in parts of the network will also be increased by “turbocharging” the GSM network with Edge technology and by continuing to build out the 3G network.