New members in TeliaSonera International Youth Council

New members of TeliaSonera International Youth Council have been appointed. The 6 new members are in the age group 14 to 20 and come from a number of the countries where TeliaSonera operates. On November 9, the new members will meet in Oslo for the third meeting of the TeliaSonera International Youth Council.

The first two meetings have concentrated on Mobile services with very positive results.

“Our young people’s comments and ideas about mobile content and positioning services have been very useful in for example the development and launch of our mobile internet portal, SurfPort,” says Anders Igel, CEO and President of TeliaSonera.

The objective of the TeliaSonera International Youth Council, formed in April 2004, is to ensure that the views and ideas of young people will be incorporated into the development of present and future services and to help improve customer care within TeliaSonera.

“The Youth Council is one of several ongoing activities at TeliaSonera with the purpose of guiding us in our work to develop services that young customers really want. We see this as one component in our strategic focus to involve customers early on in the service development process. This is one example where we can proactively develop services which are easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to use,” says Anders Igel.

The TeliaSonera International Youth Council comprises both young employees of TeliaSonera and young customers from some of the different countries where TeliaSonera is a major player. These young customers are members of the Council for about a year and meet twice during that time to discuss their ideas about TeliaSoneras´s services and customer care.

The TeliaSonera International Youth Council is chaired by Anders Igel, CEO and President, and Terje Christoffersen, Group Vice President, Responsible for Corporate Marketing, Products and Services

TeliaSonera International Youth Council members:

TeliaSonera customers between 14 and 20 years old:
Ellen Fjaestad, 19, Sweden
Magnus Kreiberg, 14, Denmark
Edgaras Figurinas, 16, Lithuania
Jaakko Loikkanen, 20, Finland
Emil Gyllehammar, 18, Norway
Pleska Ina, 19, Moldova

TeliaSonera representatives:
Maria Wallmeus, Sweden
Jan Mortensen, Denmark
Jovita Aukstuolyte, Lithuania
Tommi Anttila, Finland
Benedicte Kjøde, Norway
Cristina Popa, Moldova

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