TeliaSonera continues with integrating mobile and IP telephony

TeliaSonera continues with the initiatives in integrating fixed and mobile telephony and will now conduct a technical trial of the Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology which permits the use of one single handset for both mobile and fixed telephony. TeliaSonera is currently also doing user tests of the UMA concept in Denmark.

The aim with the tests is to gradually provide an integrated mobile and IP-based telephony solution where the customer only needs a single wireless phone for all of his or her telephone needs. The phone will serve as an IP phone within the four walls of home. When the customer leaves home, the phone will automatically switch over to the mobile network. Customers can then benefit from the higher data speeds and better coverage at home, while maintaining the convenience of their mobile phones.

“As a leader in the migration from fixed to mobile and internet-based services, we are committed to providing our customers with solutions that are easy to use”, says Håkan Dahlström, Group Vice President of Networks and Technology at TeliaSonera AB. ““The tests in Denmark and Sweden are done ensuring that the new standard eventually will work in the best possible way for the end user.”

The trial in Sweden will include technical tests of the Ericsson´s UMA system, connected to TeliaSonera’s network in Sweden. The tests in Denmark is done in cooperation with Motorola.

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