TeliaSonera in Denmark launches 4 Mbit FlatRate ADSL with increased upstream speed

As at 1st of September TeliaSonera in Denmark will be offering Internet customers in Copenhagen access to 4 Mbit ADSL connections at a fixed monthly rate of DKK 499. The new 4 Mbit FlatRate ADSL connections differ from other 4 Mbit ADSL connections as they have an extra high upstream speed of 512 Kbit/s. TeliaSonera in Denmark's increased focus on upstream speed is a natural response to meet customers’ demands.

- The launch of 4 Mbit FlatRate ADSL with extra high upstream speed is a natural step in TeliaSon-era in Denmark’s Internet strategy where bandwidth and price are adjusted to the specific needs of our customers. Apart from the common requirements of high download speed, we have noticed a considerable need for Internet connections with higher upstream speed. The reason is that an in-creasing number of customers are using a wide but demanding range of applications such as net-work telephone, video conferences and file sharing. The extra upstream speed is also useful for users of home workstations where the employees for instance work directly on the company’s servers, says Ole Simonsen, Managing Director, Telia Stofa, TeliaSonera Danmark.

Apart from the new 4 Mbit FlatRate ADSL, TeliaSonera in Denmark now offers the following types of ADSL subscriptions:

FlexRate® 4 Mbit
- 4096/256 Kbit/s varies from DKK 150-400/month depending on consumption. From DKK 400 enables subscribers the free use of up to 20 GB.

FlexRate® 2 Mbit
- 2048/256 price from DKK 100-350 /month for the use of up to 10 GB

FlatRate – fixed price, unlimited use
- 512/128 Kbit/s for DKK 299 /month.
-1024/256 Kbit/s for DKK 339 /month.
-4096/512 Kbit/s for DKK 499 /month.