Axfood chooses TeliaSonera for mobile and IP telephony

Axfood has decided to migrate to modern technology and will now co-ordinate all of the company’s communications in a single network instead of having several solutions for fixed, mobile and Internet services. Increased availability and efficiency gains are two of the most important reasons for choosing the new network solution.

“Modern, IP-based solutions offered by TeliaSonera simplify a company’s day-to-day operations and open up opportunities for increasing efficiency. Axfood has discovered the benefits of a single-network solution and is giving TeliaSonera Sweden complete responsibility for the new communications system,” says Dan Strömberg, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Products & Services, with special responsibility for global customer accounts at TeliaSonera.

Axfood has signed a Managed Services agreement in which TeliaSonera is responsible for installing, operating, supporting and developing Axfood’s data and telecommunications network in Sweden.

In the initial stage, the new network will connect approximately 350 sites in Sweden and 2,700 users. The solution will be used for all of Axfood’s operations in Sweden, including the grocery store chains Willys, Willys hemma and Hemköp, and the wholesale food distributors Dagab and Axfood Närlivs.

Cisco Systems will provide the technological platform for Axfood’s new network.

About Managed Services: The agreement is within the framework of TeliaSonera’s focus on "Managed Services", in which TeliaSonera assumes complete responsibility for the existing equipment, operation, management, production and development of a company’s communications solution. TeliaSonera has developed a special methodology for migrating a customer’s existing systems to TeliaSonera’s standard solution, allowing customers to integrate and utilise their previous investments.