Expanded broadband network in Örebro County to reach even more residents

The 12 municipalities in Örebro County signed an agreement with TeliaSonera Network Sales in May 2003 for the build-out of a Skanova broadband network in the county. In the new agreement, another 82 telecom switching centres in the county will be upgraded for ADSL, which enables very effective broadband coverage even in rural areas.

“It’s important that many households and companies have access to the broadband network since it makes our region more attractive, especially to companies that want to set up business here. Örebro County will also be the leader in Sweden in terms of broadband penetration and access to a powerful regional broadband network,” says Bengt Larsson, broadband co-ordinator for the administrative board of Örebro County.

Households and companies in the municipalities are free to choose one of the Internet providers offering broadband services to consumers and enterprises. Depending on their choice of operator, households can choose services that will be provided at speeds ranging from 250 kbit/s up to 24 Mbit/s. The build-out is also prepared for future connections that will offer much higher speeds.

“We delivered the existing broadband network for most of Örebro County and were able to offer a fast and cost-effective build-out with a high penetration rate even in sparsely populated areas. We are very pleased to be awarded this new supplementary agreement. The new expanded network will soon provide access to more or less all the residents in the municipalities,” says Susanne Jacobsson, head of TeliaSonera Network Sales.

Over the past two years, approximately 80 municipalities in Sweden have signed an agreement with TeliaSonera Network Sales for the build-out of a broadband network.