Telia extends compensation period for storm victims for second time

For the second time Telia is extending the compensation period for customers who have been without telephone service because of the recent severe storm in western and southern Sweden. This storm, called Gudrun, was the worst on record in Sweden and has created an extraordinary situation. Telia has therefore decided that special measures are required for customers who have lost fixed line phone service because of the storm.

Telia usually compensates subscribers for interrupted fixed line service, in accordance with a so-called staircase model, for loss of service lasting at least five, ten or 15 consecutive days. On January 24, 2005, it was decided that this model should be extended for 20, 25 and 30 consecutive days of lost service. The 30th day was on February 8, and because phone service has yet to be restored for many subscribers (approximately 16,000), the compensation period is being extended as follows:

If the fault has endured at least 35 consecutive days = deduction for 21 monthly charges = SEK 2 625.
If the fault has endured at least 40 consecutive days = deduction for 24 monthly charges = SEK 3 000.
If the fault has endured at least 45 consecutive days = deduction for 27 monthly charges = SEK 3 375.
If the fault has endured at least 50 consecutive days = deduction for SEK 30 monthly charges = SEK 3 750.
If the fault has endured at least 55 consecutive days = deduction for 33 monthly charges = SEK 4 125.
If the fault has endured at least 60 consecutive days = deduction for 36 monthly charges = SEK 4 500.

Based on available forecasts, it is estimated that 60 days will suffice as a general level of compensation. If it takes longer than 60 days to restore phone service for a customer, Telia expects to compensate affected subscribers on an individual basis.

Compensation is regulated by deducting the amount from future invoices and is conditional on the customer having a fixed telephone subscription with Telia.