Telia to provide free live broadcasts from Swedish Eurovision Song Contest on mobile phones

Telia’s mobile subscribers will be the first to be able to follow live broadcasts from the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest (Melodifestivalen), from Sveriges Television (SVT), the Swedish public service television channel, right on their mobile phones. Telia will also be offering a wide range of contest-related services on its mobile portal TeliaGo.

The Swedish Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast live this year from five cities in the country: from Gothenburg on February 12, Linköping on February 19, Skellefteå on February 26, Växjö on March 5, and from Stockholm on March 12. Telia mobile customers with 3G handsets can view all of these live broadcasts right on their phones.

Telia’s mobile customers, who are almost four million in number, will also be offered a wide range of Eurovision Song Contest services (text, image and video) on the TeliaGo mobile portal. On the portal, they can read the latest entertainment news, watch their favourite Eurovision Song Contest videos from past competitions, download ring tones or visit and read the blogs* of artists. Telia is offering customers free live broadcasts from the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. Other services on TeliaGo will be charged at the usual rate.

“The Swedish Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest and most beloved events of the year in Sweden and we know that millions of people in the country will be following the contest scene and results,” says Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer segment at TeliaSonera Sweden. “That’s why we are more than pleased to provide live broadcasts of the contest on the mobile handsets of customers, free of charge, so as many people as possible can test and experience what the mobile Internet can offer today.”

All of Telia’s mobile customers can use the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest services, although usage and access will vary, depending on the type of handset they have and the network. For example, reception of live broadcasts requires a 3G handset. TeliaGo currently works on more than 160 mobile phone models. Customers who already have one of these handsets and a Telia subscription, or a Telia Refill prepaid card, can easily activate TeliaGo at no cost. All they need to do is send an SMS message with the text “teliago” to the number 4466 and follow the instructions in the SMS that is automatically sent back from Telia. You can read more about TeliaGo by visiting

*A blog (“weB log”) is basically a journal on the Web that is updated daily.

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera Sweden's Press Office, phone +46 (8) 713 58 30.