TeliaSonera acts as a forerunner in an international IP multimedia development initiative

“Mobile phone users are used to taking it for granted that calls and text messages are forwarded internationally between the customers of different networks and operators. We are now creating the same ease of use for new, evolving mobile services. The task is important and challenging: the more varied the range of applications used in terminal equipment and services, the more difficult interconnection is to implement. It is great to be involved from the very beginning in building an international infrastructure for future mobile communications,” says Anni Vepsäläinen, President of TeliaSonera Finland.
IP-based multimedia services will enable a wealth of new person-to-person services, which will enrich the way that people communicate with each other mixing voice, imaging and video within a single session.

In the trial, an environment was built where new multimedia services were successfully mediated between different mobile operators. Six mobile operators (KPN, Orange, SFR, Telenor, TeliaSonera and Vodafone), four GRX carriers (Belgacom, Cable & Wireless, KPN and TeliaSonera) and three infrastructure/terminal vendors (Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens) participated in the trial.

The trial, completed in February, used infrastructure based on the 3GPP IMS standard, real handsets and sample applications such as instant messaging, video sharing, and gaming between different mobile operators. The test system was based on a hubbing model where TeliaSonera acted as a centralized hub for the mobile operators connected to the system. The functionality was implemented with TeliaSonera’s advanced GRX network service, which enables secure and high-quality IP connections for mobile operators for global use. A similar trial arrangement has been applied in a MMS trial carried out within GSMA’s initiative. The MMS interconnection solution based on the model is expected to be available for commercial use toward the beginning of 2005.

SIP = Session Initiation Protocol, a protocol used for a host of session-based services, such as instant messaging, push-to-talk, videotelephony and multiplayer games.
GRX = a centralized IP routing network for interconnecting GPRS and UMTS networks and MMS services.

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