TeliaSonera Denmark launches ADSL from DKK 150 per month

TeliaSonera Denmark is now delivering a strong alternative to the Danish broadband market by developing its range of broadband products to also include ADSL to private customers. Today, TeliaSonera Denmark services 125,000 broadband customers via cable TV, so on 23 February it will be a solid success that will become available via customers’ telephone sockets, initially to 750,000 homes in the Greater Copenhagen region.

- Despite the fact that other providers have offered broadband via ADSL to private customers for some years now, there are still as many as 200,000 homes in the Greater Copenhagen region that use a 56K modem or ISDN solution. By using our pay-as-you-use FlexRate subscription with a price range of DKK 150-400 per month, we aim to offer an attractive alternative to the section of the public who until now felt that it was too difficult, too expensive or unnecessary to have a broadband connection,” says Ole Simonsen, Managing Director, Telia Stofa, TeliaSonera Denmark.

StofaNet broadband FlexRate is a flexible solution where the price depends on the customer’s actual use of the Internet. This gives individual users the opportunity to control the amount of money they wish to spend on their ADSL connection. For as little as DKK 150 per month, customers can have access to 50MB, whereas DKK 400 per month will buy you 20 GB. The pay-as-you-use solution is also an advantage during periods with varied Internet usage.

While Telia Stofa is responsible for marketing and customer handling, Telia Networks will be responsible for delivering the modern technology, which Telia ADSL business customers have enjoyed in recent years.

- We want to bolster our challenger role in the Danish market and by building on our modern ADSL platform and IP infrastructure, we intend to show the way forward by continuing to develop products that support the fixed telephony market’s move towards IP and broadband. This will not happen overnight but will be a gradual development as product, quality and the market develop in unison. Our soft launch of ADSL is just a small step along the way, says Peter Bredgaard, Managing Director, Telia Networks, TeliaSonera Denmark.

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