TeliaSonera Finland contests Elisa’s claim for compensation

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj has been informed that Elisa Mobile Services Ltd has filed a claim for restitution and damages with the Helsinki District Court concerning mobile communications interconnection fees. Elisa requires that TeliaSonera Finland refund the interconnection fees that TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, during the period of January 1, 1997 and 31.8.2001, has charged, according to Elisa’s allegation, applying overpricing of mobile networks contrary to law. The lump-sum amount of the claim adds up to approximately EUR 300 million of which the restitution claim represents EUR 116.3 million.

TeliaSonera Finland finds Elisa’s claim without any substance. The companies have had, during the time in question, a valid mutual commercial agreement on interconnection pricing concerning their mobile networks, which both parties have complied with.

On September 16, 2004 the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland confirmed the decision made by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority in 2001 concerning the calculation grounds of TeliaSonera Finland’s mobile communications interconnection pricing. In TeliaSonera Finland’s opinion, all disputes relating to the interconnection prices and agreements between the parties should be settled through arbitration proceedings, instead of the court system. The Arbitration Institute of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland has today informed Elisa of TeliaSonera Finland’s request to initiate arbitration proceedings concerning the mobile network interconnection agreements between the parties. In its claims to the Arbitral Tribunal, TeliaSonera Finland requests the tribunal to confirm that TeliaSonera Finland has not charged Elisa interconnection fees that are contrary to law or the interconnection agreements.