TeliaSonera Sweden provides Swedish Police with new national phone number

When the worst hurricane in more than a century hit Sweden in January this year, many people tried calling the emergency number 112 but never got through to the emergency service. The new national phone number 114 14 gives people a brand new communications channel for getting in touch with the police quickly without having to call 112 without due cause, since 112 is reserved exclusively for emergencies. The new 114 14 number can be used for calls in situations that are urgent, but not life-threatening. For example, 114 14 can be used to report a crime, or when a person is about to take a trip, for example, and can’t find his passport and must quickly order a new one from the police.

The new 114 14 number will give the Swedish police substantial added capacity to answer calls from the general public from any location in Sweden. When people call 114 14, they will be automatically connected to an interactive voice response service, which will request them to report something to the police, report the loss of something, or request some other kind of assistance. In an emergency situation, the caller is asked to phone the well-known 112 number.