Changes in TeliaSonera´s Executive Management

Håkan Dahlström is appointed new Group Vice President of the TeliaSonera´s Group unit Networks & Technology, as Lars-Gunnar Johansson, today Group Vice President of Networks & Technology, will be retiring after a highly appreciated career within the company.

Håkan Dahlström will start in his new position as of April 1, 2005 and will be working together with Lars-Gunnar Johansson until Lars-Gunnar´s retirement on June 30 this year. Lars-Gunnar Johansson will remain a member of TeliaSonera´s Executive Management until his retirement.

The common Group unit Networks & Technology is responsible for the Group´s telecommunication platforms, IT-systems as well as purchasing & logistics inclusive contracts with key vendors.

Håkan Dahlström is 42 and he is today Head of Mobile Networks at Networks and Production at TeliaSonera Sweden. He was employed at Telia in 1998 and has held different positions, such as Chief of Nordic Operations at Telia Mobile, Chief of Research & Development at Telia Mobile Sweden as well as Head of Wireless Communication at Telia Research. Before Telia, Håkan had a military background as a marine engineer with an extensive experience in the procurement and development of informations- and communications systems for the Swedish Armed Forces. Håkan holds degrees in Master of Engineering in Computer Technology from Linköping University in Sweden as well as a Master of Science in Digital Technology from Heriot Watt University in Scotland. Håkan Dahlström owns 1000 TeliaSonera shares.

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