Free mobile surfing and MMS on weekends this summer

Telia SurfPort (formerly Telia Go) subscribers can surf free of charge on their mobile phones during all weekends from April 30 until August 31 using GPRS. The offer is valid for Telia’s private subscribers from midnight Saturday until midnight Sunday. During this time, Telia’s SurfPort subscribers can also send MMS messages free of charge to share their photos with family and friends.

“There is a growing interest in both MMS and the mobile Internet and we know that once people start to try the mobile Internet, and see what it can offer, they will gladly continue to utilise the services. That’s why we want to give our private subscribers the opportunity this summer to discover how simple and user-friendly the mobile Internet is,” says Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Four out of ten have MMS-enabled phone

According to the SIFO survey, people in Sweden who have their own mobile phone are increasingly using MMS and GPRS services. Today, four out of ten Swedes have a mobile phone that can send and receive MMS messages, and three out of ten have access to a GPRS-enabled phone. One out of ten uses GPRS services and about two out of ten send MMS messages, an increase of 25 percent and 75 percent, respectively, compared with the same period of 2004. The use of camera-enabled handsets is also on the rise – today 45 percent of the mobile users in Sweden can take their own pictures with their mobile phone.

About the SIFO survey:
SIFO was commissioned by Telia to poll 3,000 people in Sweden, age 15 years or older, about mobile telephony. The people were randomly selected and represent Sweden on a national basis. The survey period was February 21-March 13, 2005.

About Telia SurfPort:
An SMS message is the only thing required to gain access to the Telia SurfPort (formerly Telia Go) service. From your mobile phone, you send the word “surf” to the number 4466 and receive the settings by return message. After that, you can start to use all Telia SurfPort services. Telia SurfPort has no minute, monthly or one-time charges. You can browse each mobile Internet page at no extra cost. You pay only for the data traffic that you send or receive. Read more at