TeliaSonera focusing on a unified mobile Internet portal

TeliaSonera is reviewing its range of services in order to meet future needs and demands on telecommunications services. As a part of this concentration, TeliaSonera is coordinating its initiatives on mobile Internet services and focusing on a unified mobile Internet portal, SurfPortTM, which will be offered to TeliaSonera's customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries. SurfPort provides customers with quick and easy access to, e.g., search engines, positioning services, e-mail, entertainment services and news services' mobile Internet services. SurfPort will gradually replace TeliaSonera's local mobile Internet portals such as TeliaGo in Sweden and Sonera Plaza in Finland. TeliaSonera's Danish customers will be the first to gain access to SurfPort in April, 2005. In Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Norway, SurfPort is scheduled to be launched later this year.

"We want to take advantage of future opportunities for growth in the packaging and distribution of mobile Internet services. The average mobile phone is used for only 5 minutes per day in the Nordic countries. By making our services easier to use, we are confident that more people will discover both how useful and how enjoyable our mobile Internet services are, and will use them more," says Terje Christoffersen, Group Vice President, Marketing, Products and Services, TeliaSonera AB.

TeliaSonera's coordination of its mobile Internet portal initiatives in the Nordic and Baltic countries also entails economies of scale. Technical platforms and support systems are coordinated and marketing efforts target several markets simultaneously. The agreements that TeliaSonera signs with suppliers may apply to all Nordic and Baltic countries where SurfPort is used.

"In the long term, this means that customers gain access to a broader Nordic range of services in addition to the local services," explains Terje Christoffersen.

TeliaSonera's focus on simplicity is central to SurfPort. By involving customers and partners early on in the developmental process, TeliaSonera has developed a mobile Internet portal that puts user-friendliness in the spotlight. The menus in SurfPort are easy to navigate and users are quickly able to find different content services such as sports, music, e-mail and news. Customers who currently use TeliaGo in Sweden or Sonera Plaza in Finland, for example, will not need to make special manual settings in order to gain access to TeliaSonera’s new SurfPort service. The update will take place automatically.

SurfPortTM is a registered trademark of TeliaSonera AB.

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