Telia to introduce unlimited call time at fixed rate for small businesses

For SEK 498 per month, small businesses can call for an unlimited time in Sweden:
• from their fixed phone to all fixed networks
• from their fixed phone to Telia’s mobile network
• from their mobile phone to Telia’s mobile network

The advantage of this package is that small businesses gain effective control over their telephone costs since the subscription fees and call costs are included in the monthly rate. The offer is expected to be so attractive that Telia is limiting the number of packages to a maximum of three per company.

There is an exception to the unlimited call time in that calls from a mobile phone to the fixed network cost SEK 0.60 per minute, and outside Telia’s network, the charge for calls to the networks of other mobile operators will vary from SEK 1.50 to SEK 2.60 minute, depending on the network.

“People with small businesses will find the new scheme simple and attractive since there will be fewer price levels and there are no binding times or consumption requirements. Many craftsmen and small business people will also increase their cost efficiency since they no longer have to think of how long their calls are,” says Erik Heilborn, head of TeliaSonera Sweden’s Business Segment. “The package is also easy to grow with and supplementary services can be added that simplify mobile working methods, such as data and positioning services.”

The opening charge is SEK 0.40 per call for all types of calls. All prices exclude 25% VAT in Sweden.