TeliaSonera Sweden reduces minute rate for prepaid card

On May 25, TeliaSonera Sweden is reducing the minute rate for its Telia
Refill prepaid card in Sweden by almost SEK 1.00 during the day and by
SEK 0.11 in the evenings and on weekends. At the same time the service
is being renamed Telia Refill “Evenings and Weekends” (Telia Refill
“kväll och helg”). During a period, Telia Refill “Round the Clock”
(Telia Refill “dygnet runt”) will also be offered, which customers can
use to call all networks 24 hours a day at the same rate.

The daytime rate for Telia Refill “Evening and Weekends”, for calls to
all networks, will be SEK 3.99 per minute, Monday through Friday, 7.00-
19.00. During other hours the rate will be SEK 0.29 per minute for
calls made to TeliaSonera Sweden’s fixed network and mobile network, and
SEK 1.99 per minute for calls to other networks during corresponding
hours. For the average customer in Sweden, Telia Refill “Evenings and
Weekends” will be about 7 percent cheaper.

“The reduced rates are part of our efforts to constantly increase the
price value of our services and increase our competitiveness,” says
Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden. “The
new Refill prepaid card is based on flexibility and now our Swedish
customers can easily switch between our two Refill offerings when it
suits them best.”

On May 25, customers can also choose the new and temporary offering
Telia Refill “Round the Clock” and call for SEK 1.29 per minute – 24
hours a day – to the networks of all operators in Sweden. The opening
charge is SEK 0.69. Customers can subscribe to the offer until September
30, 2005.

Customers can switch between “Evenings and Weekends” and “Round the
Clock” once every seven days by calling 454 or requesting the change on

On June 20, the time for the daytime/evening rate for Telia Refill
“Evenings and Weekends” will be changed to Monday through Friday, 7.00
to 19.00 (earlier 8.00 to 18.00). The opening charge will be raised at
the same time from SEK 0.50 to SEK 0.59 per call.

Telia Refill Telia Refill “Old” Telia Refill
”Evenings ”Round the Clock”
and Weekends”*
Opening charge SEK 0.59 SEK 0.69 SEK 0.50
Weekdays 7-19 SEK 3.99 SEK 1.29 SEK 4.90
Other hours SEK 0.29 SEK 1.29 SEK 0.40
To other mobile SEK 3.99 SEK 1.29 SEK 4.90
weekdays 7-19
To other mobile SEK 1.99 SEK 1.29 SEK 2.00
other hours

Prices include 25% VAT. *New opening charge + change evenings/weekends
as of June 20, 2005.
For further information journalists can contact:
Håkan Ström, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, +46-(0)8-713 5830

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