Halebop is Sweden’s fastest-growing mobile operator

The Swedish market for mobile telephony used to be driven to a large extent by different customer offerings with attractive prices for mobile phones. Today, prices for using mobile services are becoming more and more important when people choose an operator.

“We have listened to our customers and created a strong offering that is attractive to many people. Our new prices have been received in a tremendously positive way. Now it looks like we are the fastest-growing mobile operator in the Swedish market, despite our modest investments in advertising and other media,” says Tobias Lennér, head of Halebop.

Earlier this year Halebop changed its call rate to SEK 0 per minute for calls between Halebop subscribers and reduced its price to SEK 0.99 per minute for calls to the networks of all other operators, 24 hours a day. The price for sending SMS messages was also reduced and is now the lowest in the Swedish mobile market – SEK 0.49 per message. The new offering has been very positively received.

In December 2004, Halebop broke the 200,000-customer-barrier. In March this year, Halebop launched its new offering and has now proved that it is definitely a low price player to count on.

Halebop is focused on customers who want low prices, simple and straight-forward services, and who accept a lower level of service.