New development at the airports: NetCom offers unique wireless broadband solution at Gardermoen, Værnes, Flesland and Sola airports

From 3 June NetCom's business customers can use HomeRun (WLAN) at the larger airports in Norway. "We have entered into an agreement with OLTD AS to give our customers an ample supplement to NetCom Connect when travelling," says Lars Ryen Mill, Product Manager at HomeRun.

"NetCom's customers can log on to the Internet via HomeRun with the same speed most of them have at the office, using the same logon as in all other HomeRun zones. No other provider can offer the same," emphasises Mill.

Morten Eldevik, Managing Director at OLTD AS, says that the cooperation is unique and provides travellers and airports with high data speed and easy logon when travelling.

This is a unique solution as HomeRun is being offered at the airports as a separate infrastructure through a so-called Layer 2 solution, meaning that NetCom and TeliaSonera services are fully functional at the airports and will be identical at our other 1000 sites in the Nordic countries, and our roaming customers can also use the service. The Layer 2 solution will be available in all public areas at Gardermoen airport during the month of June and at Flesland, Værnes and Sola airports during the month of September.

In June NetCom customers can have free use of HomeRun at airports. To receive your user name and password, send an SMS with the code word "homerun" to 1989.

Fast and simple
Customers will have access to the wireless network in places where they see the TeliaSonera HomeRun symbol. Using a WLAN card on the PC one can connect to the Internet and company intranet. The wireless networks make connecting time very fast compared to modems, and logon takes seconds. "The customer's experience when reading e-mail, staying in touch with colleagues or downloading files is the same as at the office. Combined with our 3G offer, NetCom Connect, our customers have a solution that is just as good," asserts Mill.

TeliaSonera and NetCom have approximately 130 HomeRun zones in Norway, 1,000 in the Nordic countries and they have roaming agreements with various operators around the world, providing coverage for a total of 15,000 locations.

Prices (excl. VAT)

Prices for HomeRun
Traffic rate/min
HomeRun in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and SAS lounges NOK 1.50

HomeRun at Teliasonera HomeRun's partners outside of the Nordic countries NOK 3.50

Prices for 24-hour subscription
HomeRun 24-hour subscription NOK 120 (Applies to HomeRun in Norway and the Nordic countries)

Contact person:
Lars Ryen Mill, Product Manager, HomeRun (+47) 932 24 044
Trond Lund, Sales and Marketing Manager, Mobile Broadband (+47) 928 57 222