TeliaSonera launches WLAN-service Homerun on airplanes

TeliaSonera has signed a roaming agreement with wireless internet service provider Connexion by Boeing to provide TeliaSonera´s wireless broadband service HomeRun on airplanes as of today. TeliaSonera is taking the lead in the migration from fixed to mobile and Internet-based services through its focused service portfolio. HomeRun is an integrated part of TeliaSoneras mobile services.

“The time spent onboard will now become more efficient and valuable for our customers since they will now be able to work online during flights”, says Terje Christoffersen, Group Vice President of Marketing, Products & Services at TeliaSonera AB.

HomeRun will be available for use on all airplanes on longhaul SAS flights and many flights run by Lufthansa, ANA and Japan Airlines.

To be able to use the service you only need your ordinary HomeRun subscription, a laptop and a pc/wlan card. Please note that pc/wlan cards combined with 2G/3G aren´t allowed for use on airplanes for safety reasons.

Pricing will be based on the length of the flight, i e:

HomeRun customers in HomeRun customers in
Sweden and Norway (excl. Finland (excl. VAT):
Shorthaul flights (-3hrs) 116 SEK/NOK 13,1 EUR

Mediumhaul flights (3-6 hrs) 156 SEK/NOK 17,2 EUR

Longhaul (6 hrs-) 236 SEK/NOK 26,2 EUR

HomeRun subscriptions can today be used at more than 15 000 locations in over 20 countries all over the world.

More information is available at

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera´s Press Office, +46-(0)8-713 58 30
Connexion By Boeing Press Office, +44-207 747 5533

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