Stockholm archipelago most attractive workplace this summer

Many Swedes are about to start their summer holidays, although those who are not on vacation do not have to sit in the office because today’s telecom technology empowers them to work virtually anywhere they want. In Telia’s most recent “Communications Barometer” survey for enterprises, 87 percent of the respondents said they will work in a location outside the office, or are already telecommuting in some way.

Swedes are local patriots
It is clear that Swedes prefer to work close to their home areas. Seven out of ten Stockholmers say they want to work from the Stockholm archipelago this summer. Smögen and Marstrand are favourite places for west-coast Swedes, while Österlen, followed by Skanör/Falsterbo, are the top choices in Skåne, in the southwest of Sweden. Swedes living in the far north of the country are the exception: they prefer the Stockholm archipelago to local northeastern coastal places like Piteå Havsbad, although Höga Kusten, the northern “High Coast” in the Örnsköldsvik area, came in third place.

“More and more people want to work outside the office and not always in city centres, especially during the summer period. That’s when it is important to offer excellent network coverage all over Sweden to give people the freedom to choose where they want to work,” says Erik Heilborn, head of the Business Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Women and young people like Gotland
Gotland and the Stockholm archipelago are the favourite workplaces of women. Men like these areas as well, but compared with the women polled in the survey, men are extra positive towards Marstrand on the west coast. Age also plays a role in the choice of summer workplaces. Young people (under the age of 35) prefer Gotland, while those over 50 would like to work in Österlen this summer.

Top ten summer workplaces in Sweden

1. Stockholm archipelago
2. Gotland
3. Smögen
4. Österlen
5. Öland
6. Marstrand
7. Skanör/Falsterbo
8. Dalarna
9. Halmstad
10. Båstad

About Telia’s “Communications Barometer” for enterprises:
In its “Communications Barometer” for enterprises”, in the report titled “Summer Workplaces”, 2,029 Swedes working at companies were polled about their dream workplace. All of Sweden is represented in the survey. The respondents work at companies that are customers of Telia. The survey period was June 2-7, 2005. The complete report is available in Swedish