Continue to enjoy the summer by telecommuting

One out of three Swedes returned to work one week ago. However, the day when many come back is today, August 15, when 39 percent will start to work again after their holiday. Why rush back to the office when you can stay where you are and telecommute the first week and feel better? And, not least, take the opportunity to enjoy some longed-for sun when it shines?

“Nowadays you can perform almost any task that you usually can do at the office from another location. Today’s technology makes it easy to stay at your summer house one more week. You can forward your e-mail to your mobile phone or conduct a teleconference. These are two of many technical solutions that can be used,” says Erik Heilborn, head of the Business Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Swedes have a positive attitude towards working outside the office. Seven out of ten people in the survey said they would feel better, or much better, if they could telecommute more. Forty-six percent of the Swedes in the survey want to telecommute a few days a week and 41 percent said they have the technical platform for this and already work outside the office.

Three tips that make it unnecessary for you to return the office:

• Access your corporate intranet/server with a 3G card in your computer: Get a 3G card for your portable computer, and you can connect to your company’s intranet/server and access your e-mail and documents. Or sit down at a Wayne’s Coffee café; buy a surfing card and you can do the same at high speed with wireless broadband.

• The entire office in your PDA: Use your personal digital assistant for managing e-mail, checking your calendar, and for accessing the Internet or your company’s enterprise systems in your mobile phone.

• Read your e-mail on your mobile phone: Choose an e-mail service that gives you access to an e-mailbox, address and telephone directory, and a calendar with meeting function, all on your mobile phone. E-mail can be sent directly to your mobile phone, without having to download it.


About Telia’s ”Communications Barometer” for enterprises
In its “Communications Barometer” for enterprises, in the report titled ”Make the Summer Longer”, Telia polled 2,029 working people in Sweden about their plans for the summer. All of Sweden is represented in the survey. The respondents work at companies that are customers of Telia. The survey period was June 2-7, 2005. The complete report is available in Swedish at