A common number for two phones

Sonera is the first in Finland to bring to the market on February 1st, the Multi-SIM service that allows the customer to use one mobile phone number on two phones, without transferring the SIM card from one phone to the other. Additionally, the number is shown to the recipient of the call or text message as the same, regardless of whether the main subscription or the additional card is used.

The Sonera Multi-SIM service makes it possible for the customer to obtain an additional card for his mobile subscription, both cards operating with the same phone number. In practice, this means that the customer has two SIM cards that he can install in his phones: one in the communicator that is in use in the daytime, and the other in a smaller and handier phone. The Multi-SIM service guarantees that the service user can be reached regardless of the phone being used, as both the main subscription and the additional card ring simultaneously.

“Now it is possible to bring into use different kinds of phones without worries, for different situations. The service is of particular benefit for users who spend a lot of time on the road and who have a fixed mobile phone in the car. They don’t have to worry about the phone, because the same number is used to reach them in the car and the other mobile phone they use. It is additionally important that the call recipient notices that the call originates from the same, familiar number, regardless of whether the caller is using the main subscription or the additional card,” explains Director Pasi Mehtonen of TeliaSonera Finland.

The Multi-SIM service allows the customer to talk as well as send and receive text messages, using both the main subscription and the additional card, both at home and abroad. The MMS messages only work when the main subscription is used. The customer only receives one mobile phone invoice on which are itemized the costs resulting from the use of the main subscription and the additional card.

The Multi-SIM service can be ordered using Sonera’s Internet pages or the customer service, and from Sonera Dealers. The service can be activated for nearly all Sonera’s subscriptions (except Sonera Max, Easy, and zeroforty subscriptions). The connecting charge of the service is EUR 3.90 and the monthly charge EUR 3.90 (incl. VAT). You can familiarize yourself with the service at the Internet address www.sonera.fi/multisim.

More information:

Pasi Mehtonen, Director, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. + 358 40 7171370
e-mail: firstname.lastname @teliasonera.com