Telia and Nokia let Swedish people vote on “Realtone of the Year”

In connection with this year’s Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards, the “Grammisgalan” on February 7, Telia and Nokia will be giving a newly established prize for “Realtone of the Year”. The winner will be selected by the Swedish people, who can vote by phone or SMS up to February 5.

“It is becoming more and more popular to download realtones to mobile phones,” says Marie Ehrling, head of TeliaSonera Sweden. “Having your own special ringtone has become an easy way to personalize your mobile phone.”

The nominees for Realtone of the Year, all performed by Swedish artists, are the top five downloaded realtones in 2005.*

The nominees are:
“Håll om mig” – Nanne Grönvall
“Right here right now” – Agnes Carlsson
“Efterfest” – Magnus Uggla
“Step up” – Darin
“Welcome to the city” – Amy Diamond.

The winner is chosen by the Swedish people, who can call in their vote, or vote by sending an SMS message, up to 6.00 p.m., February 5. Those who vote have a chance to win tickets to the “Grammisgalan” event.

Call SMS to 72400
”Håll om mig” - Nanne Grönvall 099-402 21 Grammis ring 1
”Right here right now” – Agnes Carlsson 099-402 22 Grammis ring 2
“Efterfest” - Magnus Uggla 099-402 23 Grammis ring 3
”Step up” – Darin 099-402 24 Grammis ring 4
“Welcome to the city” - Amy Diamond 099-402 25 Grammis ring 5
Charge: SEK 5.70/call, SEK 5.00/sms + any traffic charge

The mobile portal Telia SurfPort has a “Grammisgalan” section featuring the nominated artists, their realtones and songs. The pages also contain filmed interviews and blogs of selected artists.

(*based on Aspiro’s sales figures)