50 families in Stockholm test real TV in their mobiles

In Stockholm’s most modern neighborhood, Hammarby Sjöstad, 50 families are currently testing the latest technology for watching TV in their mobiles. The families were equipped with a special TV mobile and have access to fourteen TV channels. Telia, which is conducting the test, anticipates that the test users will provide valuable information and feedback in preparation for a future launch of the service.

The technology Telia is using during the test in Hammarby Sjöstad is called DVB-H and is based on the same principles as terrestrial digital TV. This means that the picture and sound quality are significantly better than with previous technology and the number of simultaneous users is unlimited.

“Swedes watch on average two and a half hours of TV per day. We are convinced that Mobile TV will also be a natural ingredient in media consumption in the near future. It is estimated that one out of ten mobile telephones will have this technology in three to four years,” says Indra Åsander, head of Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sverige.

The channels offered include SVT1, SVT2, TV4, Kanal 5, Canal+ Sport, Discovery, Disney channel and Aftonbladet TV. When the tests in Stockholm are concluded in November, Telia will evaluate how the service has been used in practice as well as the opinions of the test users.

“People are naturally curious about new technology and Mobile TV has definitely exceeded my expectations. It clearly creates a new need and I think that many people will use Mobile TV when it is available on the market,” says Torbjörn Braunander, who is currently a participant in Telia’s test and is testing a mobile equipped with DVB-H technology together with his 17-year-old son, Joacim.

* DVB-H - Digital Video Broadcast - Handheld