Sonera Piste and Päämies to be combined

TeliaSonera Finland combines its fully owned sales chains Sonera Piste and Päämies, creating a nationwide, service-oriented sales chain with an extensive service offering. The employees of both sales chains are transferred to a new Sonera Piste. The new company thus adopts the name of Sonera Piste.

The new Sonera Piste Oy has started negotiations with the employee representatives to improve operations efficiency. To ensure the profitability of the combined sales chain, Sonera Piste needs to cut the coverage of shops and the number of tasks in support functions. The negotiations concern the about 270 employees of the new chain. The company estimates that the negotiations lead to a reduction of about 110 tasks.
“The combining of the chains is a natural step in our aim to operate efficiently and in a uniform manner close to our customers. The changes that have taken place in the mobile communications market are seen, for example, as a reduction in the mobile subscription churn and subscription-driven sales. On account of this, we need to improve the efficiency of our sales chains and reconsider the shop coverage such that we can provide our customers with the best possible service easily and professionally without any overlaps”, says Esa Rautalinko, Senior Vice President of Consumer Mobile Services and Entertainment at TeliaSonera Finland.

In June 2006, TeliaSonera Finland acquired the full ownership of Päämies by purchasing the 50.4% of the shares of Päämies-kauppiaat Oy that were not yet in its possession from the other shareholders. The combined sales chain has 63 shops owned by TeliaSonera Finland, of which 29 operate under the name Päämies and 34 under the name Sonera Piste.

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