Superman leads the way in the first legal download service in Finland

Warner Bros, one of the world’s largest Hollywood studios and entertainment companies, opens up to the possibility for legal download of movies and TV-series in Finland together with film2home and Sonera.

On top of going to the video store people can log on great movies directly from their homes via the broadband connection.

- We have worked with this in over 5 years and are very proud to launch the first service in Finland that allows consumers to download movies legally, and also to do it with such strong partners as Warner and Sonera, says Gerard Versteegh, founder of the new film service film2home.

- It is very pleasing that we now can offer movies in this new format together with film2home. We compare this new format with the development that took place when we released the DVD-format 8 years ago, says Lars Håkansson at Warner Home Video Nordic.

The number one Hollywood-studio to join the first service for legal download
Warner Bros will offer great box office hits like Superman Returns and the Harry Potter franchise for digital distribution providing more choice for our audiences and a legal and secure alternative for modern movie consumption.

- We are extremely happy that Warner has chosen us as a partner and that they have come this far in the digital world. Their catalogue is extremely strong and an important step for us in building a large catalogue with high quality movies, says Gerard Versteegh at film2home.

As from now, Warner will release all their new titles for download at the same time as the DVD release.

- In the first stage this week, we release approximately 50 titles, but we plan to increase the number of titles and we hope to deliver 200 titles within a year. This week, we release films such as Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, Batman Begins, Charlie and the chocolate factory, V for Vendetta, Matrix, Troy, says Lars Håkansson. Our ambition is to deliver a complete library of films. However this is a new format, so it takes some time to build a comprehensive catalogue.

Sonera is the first telecom-operator to offer rental and download movies via broadband
Sonera will give their customers the possibility to rent or download movies via the broadband connection through Sonera´s web site or at Online Spotlight in Microsoft Media Center Edition.

- We want to promote legal and secure ways for our broadband customers to access high quality movies from their homes. We have had movies for rent since June, and we are very proud to be a part of launching Finland’s first service for legal download as well. We want to make life easier for our customers and this is one good way to do that, says Topi Järvinen, head of Sonera´s Digital Home Department. – Our offering comprises over a dozen services utilizing high-speed broadband: movies, sports, music and children’s programs. We are determined to maintain our forerunner position as a provider of diversified, advanced services even in the future.

How it works
On or through Sonera´s service you can get movies in two different ways. For more than a year it has been possible to rent and watch a movie directly via the broadband connection. To rent a movie costs 2-4 EUR per 24 h and it is possible to stop, pause and watch the movie as many times as you want. The movie starts directly and the quality depends on how fast the broadband connection is. A minimum of 1Mb is required to get good quality.

The new revolutionizing way is that it is now also possible to download movies to own. If you want to keep the movie more than 24 h, it is from this week also possible to download and buy a digital copy of the movie, which is then downloaded to the hard drive. Once on the computer the movie can be seen as many times as you want and at any time. The price for a download is from 10 EUR to approximately 15 EUR for the newest titles. The download time depends on how fast the broadband connection is and how long the movie is. An average download can take up to one hour.

The service is reached either by or going into

All new titles from Warner available for download - at a very interesting price
The price for new Warner-titles will be under the market price for the same DVD. Catalogue movies will at the most cost approximately 10 EUR. The newest titles will at the release cost 15 EUR.

So far, there are 350 movies available for streaming or download at film2home, but the number of titles grows each day and when more studios open up for their movies to be distributed this way.

Same quality as DVD
The files that are downloaded from film2home is in standard definition which is the same high picture- and sound quality as a DVD.

- We have chosen to offer movies with a guaranteed high picture quality and text. We believe that people are willing to pay for the convenience and quality they get with this service. You also get personal help from our customer support if any problems occur with the download, says Gerard Versteegh at film2home.

There are different ways to easily connect a cable between your computer and the TV and also use your surround system. The possibilities are many. The technology is here, now it is time to fill the home entertainment system with content without leaving the home.

For more information, questions, interviews or a personal demonstration, please contact;

 Gerard Versteegh, founder of film2home
+46 70 592 49 59
 Lars Håkansson, Managing Director Warner Home Video Nordic
+46 8 54650700
 Leif Lindblad, Country Manager Warner Home Video Finland
+ 358 9 856 658 01
 Topi Järvinen, Department Manager, TeliaSonera Finland, Sonera Digital Home
+ 358 0 2040 54535

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About film2Home
film2home is a Nordic video-on-demand service on the internet where you can rent or download movies through your broadband connection. We are currently available in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The service is reached via, via Windows Media Player, Windows XP Media Center Edition, My Station and w film2home is operated by Bonver, the Nordic region's major home entertainment distributor. Bonver distributes films (rental or sell-through), music and multimedia productions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

About Warner
With operations in 90 international territories Warner Home Video, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, commands the largest distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video’s film library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Entertainment and Castle Rock Entertainment.