Telia offers phone calls and Internet surfing at fixed monthly rate for small businesses in Sweden

Today, Telia is launching a new and simple package of services for small businesses in Sweden. For a fixed monthly rate, small businesses can make as many calls as they want with their fixed line phones and mobile phones. The package, which costs SEK 1,249 per month (excluding V.A.T.), also includes a 3G card for a portable computer, free Internet surfing over the mobile network, and free surfing at more than 1,000 Telia hot spots.

The new package is especially attractive for small businesses which call and use the Internet considerably, and which prefer to have control over their telephone costs. With the small business package, customers can also subscribe to Telia’s enterprise broadband service at a discounted price.

“Now we can offer a really simple and attractive offering at a fixed monthly rate to small businesses in Sweden. We know that this is something that many of our customers will want in order to have strict control over their telephone costs,” says Anders Tillander, head of the enterprise market at TeliaSonera Sweden.

For further information journalists can contact:

TeliaSonera’s Press Office, +46 (0)8 713 5830

The Telia package for small businesses contains:

Subscription Call rates

Fixed telephony SEK/0 per minute and no opening charge

for all calls, with the exception of

calls to mobile phones in the

networks* of other operators and

overseas calls.

Mobile telephony SEK/0 per minute and no opening charge

for calls to Telia mobiles. SEK/0 per

minute and no opening charge for calls

to other mobiles (max. 449 call

minutes/month samtalsminuter/månad).

449 SMS and 449 MMS.

Mobile data via 3G/gprs Free mobile surfing with TeliaSurf

Telia Homerun wireless broadband Free wireless broadband surfing at

TeliaSonera’s 1,000 hot spots at

hotels, airports, conference

facilities and cafés.

PC card för 3G/gprs

Discount on Telia’s broadband

for companies

(50-100 kr/depending on speed)

*The minute rate for calls from fixed line phones to mobile phones in the networks of other operators is SEK 1.29 kr/minute and the opening charge per call is SEK 0.49. There is a starting charge for new subscriptions.