Time-based pricing for Sonera’s mobile surfing

Sonera revises the pricing of the data transfer service for consumers’ mobile communication. The data transfer service is needed, for example, for using the SurfPort mobile portal or e-mail on the mobile phone. Alongside the conventional pricing, which is based on the amount of data transferred, service packages founded on time-based pricing will be introduced. The clear, time-based packages include unlimited amount of data transfer.

- The terminal devices in use by our customers are being replaced with new models and the number of new mobile content services is on the increase. We have already applied the time-based pricing scheme for such services as Sonera MobileTV and Navigator, and our customers have hoped that it would be possible to use other services, too, without needing to worry about megabytes and the amount of data transferred. We believe that this is a welcomed revamp among, for example, the users of the mobile portal SurfPort and the mobile Internet, as well as those who spend plenty of time on the road with laptop computers. We additionally trust this move boosts the customers’ willingness to use our services in a more versatile manner than before, says Senior Vice President Esa Rautalinko of TeliaSonera Finland.

The basic charge for surfing without a monthly charge is EUR 0.90 for each hour or a fraction of it. The service is suited to occasional use of data transfer with a mobile phone or computer. Day packages aimed at active mobile phone and computer users provide the customer with unlimited data transfer services against a monthly charge for five or ten 24-hour-long periods in a month. The charge includes all the data transfer used during the usage period, regardless of the amount of data transfer, number of connections, services used, or APN address. The service charge is EUR 17.90/month (5 days) and EUR 29.90/month (10 days). Exceeding days are charged at EUR 3.90/day.

In addition, it is now possible to conclude a 24-month fixed term agreement for data transfer services, resulting in lower monthly charges for the services. The five-day package in this case costs EUR 15.90/month and, correspondingly, EUR 26.90/month for the ten-day package.

As an alternative to the new time-based pricing, the customer can select the previously used pricing model that is based on the amount of data transferred. These alternatives suit customers whose use of the data transfer service is stable and the customer is aware of the amount data transfer used. It is possible to conclude a 24-month fixed term agreement on the services based on the amount of data transfer, too, which means even lower monthly charges.