Growing Scandinavian interest for mobile e-mail

Scandinavian survey shows that a sixth of all business users use mobile e-mail

A recent Gallup survey shows that more and more people have started using mobile e-mail. 16 percent of people in leading positions use mobile e-mail. Further, 50 percent of the ones who do not use mobile e-mail today expect to do so within a year. Increased flexibility and easier access to contacts are mentioned as important advantages of mobile e-mail.

The survey included 750 business users in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and was carried out for Nokia and TeliaSonera. Gallup carried out the same survey during the fall of 2005 and a comparison to this year’s survey show several interesting changes. It has become increasingly important to have constant access to e-mail during a working day. Half of the participants in the survey (54 percent) also state that they will increase their use of e-mail in the mobile device during the coming six months.

”That as many as 16 percent already today use mobile e-mail is a very high number. The survey also shows that half of the ones currently not using mobile e-mail expect to be able to handle mobile e-mail within a year. Now it is up to us in the industry to make it easier to get going to harness the great interest existing among users”, says Heidi Lax, Nordic Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Nokia.

Nokia and TeliaSonera both work actively to make it as easy as possible for users to get started with mobile e-mail. This entails everything from preinstalled terminals and especially adapted corporate solutions to mobile coaches who educate and help users to get started with mobile e-mail.

”The mobile has become a digital office for many mobile users, and more and more companies are starting to see the benefits of letting employees work more freely. The mobile services are available and working, but we have to continue to make things even more users friendly, says Anders Tillander, head of the business market at TeliaSonera Sweden.

E-mail important for Scandinavian business users

The survey shows that business users, to a large extent, use their e-mail daily and work outside the office. 85 percent of the respondents work outside the office every week. 87 percent say that it is important to have access to e-mail during the whole working day. 48 percent state that they check the inbox as soon as they hear or see that they have received a new e-mail. The survey also shows good conditions for a fast market development. Of the Scandinavian business users 61 percent have a mobile phone with e-mail functionality.

Sweden in front

The survey clearly shows that Sweden has pulled away from its neighbouring countries when it comes to mobile e-mail. I Sweden 21 percent of the participants in the survey use mobile e-mail. In Norway, which is often in the forefront for mobile services, the number is 18 percent and 8 percent in Denmark.


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About the survey

The survey has been carried out by tns Gallup and is based on telephone

interviews with 750 business users in Sweden, Norway and Denmark (250

per country). The survey is representative when it comes to companies,

industries and size of business. The interviews where made duning

August-September 2005 and September 2006.


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